Monday, November 30, 2015

Product Highlight – Fodera Bass Guitars

Fodera Bass |
Since 1983, Fodera has been making practical bass guitars for professional players. Founders Vinny Fodera and Joey Lauricella worked together to build distinctive basses that sounded great and played well. They have certainly succeeded and since then, players like Victor Wooten, Matt Garrison, and Tom Kennedy have relied on Fodera selections when they are performing. Bass Central is proud to offer a wide variety of 4-, 5-, and 6-string options for you:

  • Victor Wooten 4 Buckeye Burl Top – A reissue of the 1983 Fodera bass, this selection comes with a buckeye burl top, an EMG P/J, and black hardware.
  • Imperial 5 Elite Maple Burl Top – Also known as “the Alien,” this 5-string bass guitar feature an Indian rosewood board, a matching headstock, and Seymour Duncan dual coils.
  • Emperor 6 Standard Flame – If you need that extra tone while you are playing, the Emperor 6-string from Fodera is an amazing selection. Its features include a hard rock maple neck, a Pau-Ferro fingerboard, and a Pope pre-amp with dual coil pickups.

When you are looking for a Fodera bass, you’re sure to find the selection that you need online at Bass Central. We offer a huge array of high-end and affordable bass guitars for players at every skill level.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Product Highlight – Alembic Bass Guitars

Alembic Bass |
As a dedicated bass player, you only want the best bass guitars available! Bass Central has a wide array of selections available for you, including high-end Alembic bass guitars. Long touted as the “Cadillac” of basses, these exceptional guitars are expertly constructed using only the best wood and sophisticated active electronics. Take a look at some of the selections we carry:

  • Stanley Clarke – These Alembic basses are named after jazz player Stanley Clarke, who is best known for his work with the bank Return to Forever. We offer the Signature Standard Spalted Maple, Signature Deluxe, and the Brown Models, just to name a few.
  • Mark King – You’ll be laying down a funky groove with these bass guitars named after the bassist for Level 42. Our collection of Mark King Alembics includes Signature, Deluxe, and 5-String selections.
  • Essence – Looking for the Alembic sound on a budget? The Essence series are a great selection for you. These are smaller and lighter basses that feature Alembic’s signature low-pass filter, giving you tone and control with just a simple twist of the knob.

This is just a small sampling of the many great Alembic bass guitars we have in stock. Take a look at our selections and choose the right bass for your needs today.