Thursday, August 20, 2015

Find a Fantastic New Fretless Bass

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When you are playing bass for a new group and looking for a new sound, it’s a good idea to shop online at Bass Central. Our online business is dedicated to providing you with a huge variety of quality bass guitars, including a variety of fretless bass selections. From brining smooth sounds to your jazz performances to adding a unique touch to your funk groups, fretless basses are a great way to go! Take a look at some of our current selections:

  • F Bass Alain Caron 6 – This exceptional 6-string bass features a spruce top maple neck, 28 frets, an ebony fingerboard, and a Piezo pickup, allowing you to have a wide array of sounds when you play.
  • Pedulla Pentabuzz – Our business offers a wide array of Pentabuzz options, including green to blueburst, vintage cherry sunburst, and tobacco sunburst options.
  • KSD Proto J4 – For players looking for a more affordable fretless bass, this selection is right for you. It has great sound, including an active/passive 2-band EQ.

Don’t wait to buy your new bass in the store. Bass Central was founded by bass players, is currently run by bass players, and is ready to provide you with everything you could need for your bass. Unlike the big box stores, our crew has experience with a wide array of instruments and is ready to help you find the perfect selections for your next performance.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

No Treble – Why Some People are Drawn to the Bass

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As a bass player, you’re drawn to the bass for a variety of reasons. But did you know that some people are just naturally drawn to bass tones in music? Scientists have been doing research on why humans like certain sounds and have discovered that humans are biologically drawn to certain sounds. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, it’s all about what’s inside of you.

Essentially, the reason we like certain tones more than others is related to human evolution. For thousands of years, humans have developed an ear for certain tones that are generally common with human vocalizations. Some music, such as rock music, is popular because it emphasizes the frequencies we hear in human speech. So, depending on what kind of backgrounds you have in your family, you may have some connection lower tones.

Whether you are just interested in low tones or are dedicated bass player, you can keep the bass pumping when you purchase selections from Bass Central. We have a wide array of bass guitars for sale, as well amps and accessories you won’t find in typical stores. Check out our selections online and place an order for new basses and amps today.