Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ernie Ball Music Man Bass Guitars for All Players

Bass Guitar | BassCentral.com
Since 1971, Music Man has been providing amazing bass guitars to all types of players. Since then, their legendary guitars have been used on countless recordings and played in a wide array of performances. Notable players like John Deacon from Queen, Cliff Williams from AC/DC, and Robert Trujillo of Metallica, as well as many others have relied on these fantastic bass guitars when they perform and now you can, too! Bass Central is proud to offer a wide array of Music Man bass guitars for your needs. 

Many players count on these bass guitars as they are some of the best mass produced basses available. The team who make these basses always make sure that they choose quality wood to make each StingRay and Sterling bass. When compared to other boutique brands, bass players will notice that these selections are very comfortable and have great action. Furthermore, Music Man only makes sure the best pickups go into each bass guitar they make, guaranteeing that you can shape your sound properly. 

Count on Bass Central to help you find your dream bass guitar. Our business was started by bass players and is run by bass players, so you can feel confident that we will only provide you with only the best quality instruments, amplifiers, and accessories, including Music Man bass guitars.

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Hunt for the Perfect Bass Amp

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There are hundreds of bass amps out there and tons of amazing ones are available through Bass Central. So, if you don’t have a certain amp in mind, there are a lot of questions you should ask yourself before placing an order. Do you want that warm tube amp sound? Are you interested in a combo amp? Do you need to find something for the studio that won’t be used in a live situation? Here are some important points you should consider before making a purchase:

  • The Right Speaker Setup – Not all speakers are created equal. Some are louder than others. If you need a louder speaker, you should look into which selections have more power behind them.
  • Can You Carry It – Performing with the amp? You’ll need something that you can carry. You shouldn’t purchase amps that have complicated setups for live situations unless you have a roadie to set it up for you.
  • The Right Modeling Options – When you need to shape your sound, it’s important to have modeling abilities. For players that are picky about their tones or just need to achieve a variety of sounds, look for amps that have more sound shaping abilities. 

Now that you are thinking about what you need, head to Bass Central to find amazing deals on bass amps. Our business is dedicated to providing you with brand-name, boutique bass amps at prices you won’t find at other businesses.