Monday, February 16, 2015

The Value of EBS Pedals for a Bass Guitar

EBS Effect Pedals |
One of the most powerful things about music is that there are no limits to how it can be composed. This gives musicians a great deal of power in their work, which is why it is important that they have all the equipment needed to explore the many facets of their distinctive style and sound. One great way to expand your craft is to use EBS effect pedals for bass guitars.

An EBS effect pedal can be used to enhance or change the sound of a bass guitar. The bass guitar is plugged into the pedal, which features different settings for distinctive bass guitar sounds. This allows players to change the sound of their guitar during a performance, creating unique notes for a heightened musical effect.

For bass guitars, there are many choices for an EBS pedal. Picking the right EBS pedal will depend on the sound you want to produce and your style as a bass guitarist. To produce a heavier sound, the Big Muff from Electro Harmonix is often a great choice. However, Digitech's Bass Whammy is noted for its more offbeat selections. Other good filters are available from Eventide, Bass DI, Suncoast, Billy Sheehan and more.

Overall, EBS pedals can be a wonderful accessory for any bass guitar, giving musicians the power to experiment with their sound and enhance their musical range.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Superior Bass Guitars from Pedulla

Pedulla Bass Guitars |
Music is an expression of the soul, so it is always important to choose an instrument that is perfectly crafted to conduct that expression. While there is a vast range of options when it comes to musical instruments, there are few that can compare to Pedulla bass guitars.

Pedulla is one of the leading names in guitars. This reputation is very much deserved, considering the dedication and effort put into every Pedulla guitar. Every instrument made by Pedulla is meticulously designed and crafted in the United States. It is not just a question of being made in America, either. Every Pedulla instrument is actually crafted by hand, imbuing each instrument with nuance and quality that simply cannot be matched.

For Pedulla, this commitment stems from the belief that quality can never be mass produced. If you want a guitar that truly serves as a conduit for your passion, then you need a guitar that is finely tuned and precisely designed. Pedulla makes bass guitars with four, five and six strings. Pedulla styles their guitars with unique finishes, making them visually appealing as well.

With bass guitars from Pedulla, there are no two identical options, giving musicians the power to find an instrument that perfectly suits them. The selection of bass guitars from Pedulla is impressive, and each features the best craftsmanship and superior musical sound.