Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tips for Choosing the Right Electric Bass Guitar

Electric Bass Guitars |
So, you’ve decided to start playing bass in a band. That’s great! Welcome to an elite group of amazing musicians who love their instruments! is here to help you find the right electric bass guitar for your needs. Whether you are looking for your first guitar or are an experienced player who wants to find a unique sound for a specific act, is here to help.

  • Type of Music – Are you playing rock? Jazz? Cumbia? It’s important that you figure this out as you’ll want a bass that is at least as versatile as the music you are playing.
  • Type of Band – Are you the band leader or are you just a hired sideman? We offer bass guitars that make you stand out, as well as great selections to help you blend into the pack.
  • Gigging Options – Complicated basses can be problematic when you are touring heavily, so you should consider picking up a lightweight, road-ready bass for touring bands.
  • What’s Right for You – Lastly, what kind of bass guitars do you like? You should pick something that looks and sounds cool to you. At, we carry a little bit of everything.

Now that you’ve got these thoughts in mind, head on over to and pick out the right electric bass guitar for your needs. We know that we have something perfect for you in stock!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Electro Hamonix – Makers of Fine Bass Effects Pedals

Bass Effects Pedals |
Rocking hard is simple when you have your bass running through bass effects pedals from Electro Harmonix. From the classic Big Muff pedal to the Bass Micro Synthesizer, this company has been providing amazing selections that bass players have relied on for years. Let’s check out some of the selections has to offer:

  • Bass Big Muff Pi – You can’t mention Electro Harmonix without mentioning the classic Big Muff. They have made this model based on the Russian Big Muff. It features a bass boost, as well as true bypass.
  • Bassballs – You can add a bit of chutzpah to your sound with this twin dynamic filter pedal. It generates vocal-like sounds and a distortion switch to enrich the harmonics.
  • Steel Leather – Use the first dedicated expander designed for bass guitar with the Steel Leather pedal. This selection guarantees that your bass will not get lost in the performance.
  •  Bass Metaphors – This is a preamp in a channel strip toolbox, giving you compression, bass EQ, and distortion. It also works as a great DI.

There is no time like the present to invest in Electro Harmonix bass effects pedals from! Take a look at the great selections we have to offer and place your order today. We know you’ll be satisfied with the pedal you purchase.