Friday, May 30, 2014

Orange Amplifiers – Quality Bass Amplifiers

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Every good bass player knows about Orange Amps. These distinct, orange-colored amplifiers have a distinct sound that rock players are always looking for. Members of varied groups, such as mega stars Fleetwood Mac, British stalwarts Oasis, and doom metal pioneers Sleep have used these quality amps to create amazing music.

Orange was originally founded in 1968 by Cliff Cooper of London. In the early days, he designed the first amps with Radio Craft, a company owned by Mat Mathias, and musician Mick Dines. He wanted to design a versatile amp that could stand up to the rigors of the road. The first selections were 100-watt valve amps that were produced in small numbers. These amps quickly grew in popularity and the company soon expanded.

Throughout the 70s, Orange made a variety of amps, but eventually closed down production when their buildings on New Compton Street were demolished. They made limited selections throughout the 80s and eventually bounced back in 1997 after licensing their name to Gibson. 

Many bass players come to Orange for the warm and fat sound, simple setup, and old school tone. They weigh a ton, but are very solid. If you are searching for a great amp, the team at recommends checking out these quality selections!

Friday, May 16, 2014

5 Amazing Bass Players You Probably Don’t Know

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Everyone knows all about the world’s best bass players – Victor Wooten, Geddy Lee, John Paul Jones, etc. – but there is a multitude of amazing bass players out there that you may not know who have done some truly amazing work. The team at is proud to introduce you to five amazing bass players you probably don’t know:

  • Rockette Morton – Also known as Mark Boston, this fine gentleman laid down the low end for Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica album. If you want to be blown away, check out his work in the song “Doctor Dark” from Lick My Decals Off, Baby.
  • Charles Mingus – Many rock players don’t give enough credit to this groundbreaking jazz leader. Check out his superior chops on “Haitian Fight Song” from The Clown
  • Scott Thunes – Playing with Zappa in his later years, Thunes helped bring tight low end to songs like “Valley Girl” from Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Downing Witch.
  • John Taylor – Working with both Duran Duran and their off-shoot group Power Station, Taylor had a unique style unlike other 80s players. Listen to “The Reflex” from Seven and the Ragged Tiger.
  • Charlie Haden – Have you checked out Haden’s work with Ornette Coleman? You need to hear every single song from The Shape of Jazz to Come immediately!

After checking out these players, you can pick up electric bass guitars, basses, and more from!